Dental Office Buildout in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles

New Dental Office Construction and Technology Setup

Project Overview:

Our recent project involved overseeing the construction of a new dental office facility from the ground up, along with the installation and setup of essential technologies, including CAT6 cabling, a wireless network, server infrastructure, television mounts, and the setup of computers and desktops. This recap highlights the major milestones and accomplishments of this comprehensive project.


Project Goals:

  1. Design and construct a fully functional dental office facility with modern infrastructure.
  2. Ensure the seamless integration of essential technologies for efficient patient care and staff operations.
  3. Provide a reliable network infrastructure for secure data management and patient information.
  4. Set up and configure computers and desktops for staff use.


Project Milestones:

  1. Planning and Design:
    • Collaborated with architects and contractors to plan the layout and design of the dental office, considering technology integration.
    • Designed the network infrastructure, including CAT6 cabling runs and wireless access points.
    • Determined server requirements, server room placement, and computer placement.
  2. Construction and CAT6 Cabling:
    • Oversaw the construction process, ensuring the infrastructure was built to accommodate the technology needs.
    • Installed CAT6 cabling runs throughout the facility to support data and communication needs.
    • Implemented cable management solutions to maintain an organized and efficient setup.
  3. Wireless Network Setup:
    • Deployed wireless access points strategically to ensure optimal coverage for both staff and patients.
    • Secured the wireless network to protect patient data and ensure reliable connectivity.
    • Conducted testing to verify network performance and coverage.
  4. Server Installation and Configuration:
    • Procured and installed servers to handle patient records, scheduling, and other administrative tasks.
    • Configured the server infrastructure for data security, backup, and redundancy.
    • Conducted rigorous testing to ensure the server setup met the dental office’s needs.
  5. Computer and Desktop Setup:
    • Set up and configured computers and desktops for dental office staff, including administrative and clinical workstations.
    • Installed necessary software and ensured compatibility with the server and network.
    • Conducted testing to confirm that all computers and desktops were operational.
  6. Television Mounts and Installation:
    • Installed television mounts in waiting areas and examination rooms for patient entertainment and education.
    • Connected and configured TVs for optimal viewing and content delivery.
    • Tested the television systems to ensure they were operational and met the dental office’s expectations.
  7. Testing and Quality Assurance:
    • Conducted extensive testing to verify the functionality and integration of all technology components.
    • Ensured seamless communication between computers, printers, and server systems.
    • Checked that the television systems were functioning correctly and delivering content as intended.
  8. Documentation and Training:
    • Documented the technology setup, including server configurations, network layouts, and computer setups.
    • Provided training to dental office staff on using the network, servers, computers, and televisions effectively.


Project Outcome:

The project has been successfully completed, and the following outcomes were achieved:

  • A new dental office facility has been constructed, fully equipped with modern technology.
  • The CAT6 cabling infrastructure provides reliable and secure data transfer throughout the facility.
  • The wireless network supports staff and patient connectivity while maintaining data security.
  • The server infrastructure is operational, handling patient records and administrative tasks efficiently.
  • Computers and desktops are set up and configured for staff use, facilitating daily operations.
  • Television systems in waiting areas and examination rooms enhance patient experience and education.


Lessons Learned:

  • Effective collaboration between construction and technology teams is essential.
  • Planning technology integration during the construction phase streamlines the process.
  • Ongoing maintenance and monitoring are vital to ensure the continued reliability of the setup.


Next Steps:

  • Implement regular maintenance and update schedules to keep technology systems up-to-date and secure.
  • Explore opportunities to further enhance patient experience and operational efficiency with additional technology integrations.



We extend our appreciation to the entire project team, including construction, technology, and dental office staff, for their dedication and collaboration throughout the construction and setup of the new dental office facility.

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