Network & WiFi Upgrade in West Covina, Los Angeles

Network Infrastructure Upgrade for a Higher Education Center

Project Overview:

Our recent project was dedicated to enhancing the network infrastructure of a higher education center by upgrading from CAT5 to CAT6 cabling and running new CAT6 lines to support their wireless network. This recap highlights the key milestones and achievements of this network improvement project.


Project Goals:

  1. Upgrade the existing network cabling from CAT5 to CAT6 to improve data transfer speeds and capacity.
  2. Expand the wireless network by running new CAT6 lines for increased coverage and connectivity.
  3. Ensure a seamless transition and minimal disruption to the educational activities.


Project Milestones:

  1. Site Assessment and Planning:
    • Conducted a comprehensive site assessment to evaluate the current network infrastructure and wireless coverage.
    • Designed a plan for upgrading network cabling from CAT5 to CAT6, and strategically positioning access points.
  2. Cabling and Infrastructure Upgrade:
    • Procured CAT6 cables, connectors, and other necessary equipment.
    • Replaced existing CAT5 cabling with CAT6 cables in classrooms, offices, and other key areas.
    • Conducted cable management and labeling to ensure an organized infrastructure.
  3. New CAT6 Line Installation:
    • Ran new CAT6 lines to connect additional wireless access points in areas with high user density.
    • Positioned access points strategically to provide reliable wireless coverage for students and staff.
  4. Testing and Quality Assurance:
    • Conducted thorough testing to verify the functionality of the new CAT6 cabling and wireless access points.
    • Checked data transfer speeds, network performance, and wireless connectivity.
    • Addressed any issues and made necessary adjustments.
  5. Network Optimization:
    • Configured the wireless network and access points to ensure optimal performance and coverage.
    • Conducted tests for seamless roaming and reliability.
    • Implemented security measures and encryption to protect network traffic.
  6. Training and User Support:
    • Provided training and guidelines to IT staff and educators on the new network infrastructure.
    • Offered resources and support for troubleshooting and network management.


Project Outcome:

The project has been successfully completed, and the following outcomes were achieved:

  • The higher education center’s network infrastructure has been upgraded from CAT5 to CAT6, improving data transfer speeds and capacity.
  • New CAT6 lines support an expanded and reliable wireless network for students and staff.
  • Network performance and coverage have been optimized for enhanced educational activities.


Lessons Learned:

  • A comprehensive site assessment is crucial for planning an effective network upgrade.
  • Proper cable management and labeling contribute to an organized network infrastructure.
  • Regular network testing and optimization ensure an optimal user experience.


Next Steps:

  • Implement regular maintenance and updates to keep the network infrastructure and wireless system up-to-date and secure.
  • Explore opportunities to further enhance network features, such as advanced network management tools or cloud-based solutions.



We extend our appreciation to the project team, educators, IT staff, and network professionals for their collaboration, feedback, and dedication throughout this network infrastructure upgrade project.

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