Wireless Coverage Improvements in Santa Ana, Orange County

Wireless Throughput Enhancement for a Medical Office

Project Overview:

Our recent project focused on enhancing the wireless throughput for a medical office by upgrading from a standard WiFi router to an enterprise-grade WiFi 6 mesh system. Additionally, we ran extra cable runs to strategically position access points. This recap outlines the key milestones and achievements of this network improvement project.


Project Goals:

  1. Improve the wireless network performance and throughput to meet the demands of a medical office.
  2. Upgrade the existing WiFi infrastructure to ensure seamless connectivity and coverage.
  3. Deploy strategically positioned access points to eliminate dead zones and optimize network efficiency.


Project Milestones:

  1. Site Assessment and Planning:

    • Conducted an on-site assessment to understand the current network limitations and coverage.
    • Designed a plan to upgrade the wireless infrastructure, including the selection of an enterprise WiFi 6 mesh system.
  2. Equipment Procurement and Installation:

    • Assisted in selecting and procuring an enterprise-grade WiFi 6 mesh system that aligned with the office’s requirements.
    • Installed the new WiFi access points and strategically positioned them to optimize coverage.
  3. Cable Run and Access Point Integration:

    • Ran additional cable runs to connect the new access points to the network.
    • Implemented cable management solutions for a neat and organized cable setup.
  4. WiFi 6 Configuration:

    • Configured the WiFi 6 mesh system to provide optimal performance and coverage.
    • Set up multiple SSIDs to segregate network traffic and enhance security.
    • Ensured proper encryption and security measures were in place.
  5. Network Testing and Optimization:

    • Conducted extensive testing to verify the functionality of the new WiFi system.
    • Adjusted access point settings to optimize network performance and minimize interference.
    • Checked for seamless roaming across access points.
  6. Training and User Support:

    • Provided training to medical office staff on connecting to and using the upgraded WiFi network.
    • Offered resources and guidelines for network troubleshooting and support.


Project Outcome:

The project has been successfully completed, and the following outcomes were achieved:

  • Wireless network throughput in the medical office has been significantly enhanced.
  • The enterprise-grade WiFi 6 mesh system ensures seamless connectivity and coverage.
  • Strategically positioned access points eliminate dead zones and optimize network efficiency.


Lessons Learned:

  • A comprehensive site assessment is essential for designing an effective network upgrade.
  • Proper cable management and positioning of access points contribute to a well-organized network setup.
  • Regular network testing and optimization ensure optimal performance and user experience.


Next Steps:

  • Implement regular maintenance and updates to keep the WiFi system and security measures up-to-date and secure.
  • Explore opportunities to further enhance network features, such as guest networks or advanced security solutions.



We extend our appreciation to the project team, medical office staff, and network professionals for their collaboration, feedback, and dedication throughout this network improvement project.

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